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The Universal Law

"The Universal Law is impartial and unemotional. It has no way of knowing what you want, nor does it discriminate between your hopes and aspirations, likes and dislikes--it is pure energy. It accepts whatever thoughts, feelings, and actions you project and reflects them back to you unemotionally in the form of the events that you experience day to day."  - Stuart Wilde, Miracles 

The Perfect Quote on Commitment

"When confronted with a challenge, 
the committed heart will search for a solution. 
The undecided heart searches for an escape." 

- Andy Andrews

You Matter

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another."
- Charles Dickens

BUZZ! BUZZ! The Fly and the Spider

Another milestone!
My third Kindle children's book is now live and available on Amazon!
It truly is a joy to share my stories with the world!
BUZZ! BUZZ! The Fly and the Spider

Please check out BUZZ! BUZZ! The Fly and the Spider and my other books  on my Amazon Author page.

Newest Kindle Children's Book - The Aug-Monster

Exciting news!
My second Kindle children's book is now live and available on Amazon!
The Aug-Monster
This book is inspired by and dedicated to my oldest nephew, Auggie.
Please check out The Aug-Monster and my other books on my Amazon Author page.

I Am Lost

"I Am Lost" as read by Wayne Dyer in The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny
A woman is dying of AIDS. A priest is summoned.
He attempts to comfort her, but to no avail.
“I am lost,” she said. “I have ruined my life and every life around me. Now I’m going painfully to hell. There’s no hope for me.”
The priest saw a framed picture of a pretty girl on the dresser.
“Who is this?” he asked.
The woman brightened. “She is my daughter, the one beautiful thing in my life.”
“And would you help her if she was in trouble or made a mistake? Would you forgive her? Would you still love her?”
“Of course I would!” cried the woman. “I would do anything for her. Why do you ask such a question?”
“Because I want you to know…” said the priest.  “That God has a picture of you on his dresser.”

Another Milestone!

This month I published my very first Kindle book!
It is called Everything Has a Placeand was inspired by my husband.
He has a pesky way of leaving his socks all over the house.
His socks, also known as "crocodiles" (not sure why I started calling them that), are how the story kicks off.  Little Rooster is fond of putting them in a pile instead of where they belong--the laundry basket!
I hope this book helps you start the discussion of where things go with your Little (or even Big) Rooster or Chicken!

She Believed She Could, So She Did by Kathy Keller

I have been a Kathy Weller fan for quite some time and I'm so excited that she released a darling mini-book entitled She Believed She Could, So She Did
The book was given to me as a "bonus" when my husband purchased one of her original pieces of art as a birthday gift in March.
I was so thrilled with this book I ordered a dozen copies to give away to my sisters, friends, and family.
If you have a female in your life, GET HER THIS BOOK!
She will love it.
It will encourage her.
It will inspire her.
It will uplift her.
It will breathe life into her dreams.
It is 80 pages of full-color illustrations with quotes celebrating inner strength.
Sample quotes include:
"I dwell in possibility."  - Emily Dickinson
"She was unstoppable.  Not because she did not have failures or doubts but because she continued on despite them."  - Beau Taplin
This book is suitable for any age and any occasion... or you can give it "just because."
Get it... read it...…

Everything Communicates

Remember, not making a choice IS making a choice.
"Everything communicates, whether by design or by default."

- Aaron D. Allen

Mastering the Art of Meditation in Just 12 Minutes: My Personal Zen12 Review

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Meditation... the benefits include enhanced brain power, massive improvements in health, and an increase in energy levels.  Yet with so many profound benefits, the real question is:  Why aren't more people doing it?

Why Meditation Can Be Challenging

The main challenge is that most people just don't make the time.  That's right, I said "make" the time!  We make time for what's important in our lives and with all of the mayhem and chaos of the day-to-day, the "noise" as an acquaintance once described it, we often put our own health and well-being on the back burner as we wait for "some day" to make its grand appearance!

According to researchers, for best results meditation requires 45-60 minutes of daily practice. The results aren't always immediately visible either (similar to trying to flatten out that muffin top that sprang out of nowhere). They typically build up over time (again, a…