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Mixed Media!

Greetings All!  
I have been working on the illustrations for my picture book but I was able to take a quick break and create "Turtle" the Mixed Media Owl!

Turtle was inspired by the lovely Ashlie Blake of Painting Bliss
She has a shop on Etsy filled with beautiful original work.
Her Mixed Media Owls were featured in the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.  


Ashlie gave me some feedback on my owl!

New Piece!

Just posted a new piece in my Etsy shop!
The goal was to create a mixed media collage using various magazine clippings.
I had envisioned a human body with a tiger's head but I stayed a bit more conservative... :)
Hey, I'm not a girlie girl so using so much pink was a stretch for me.
What can I say?!  I'm growing! ;)
We aren't human beings... we are human becomings!