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A Letter to Chipotle, 30 June 2014

My husband read me the "Two-Minute PersonalityTest" by Jonathan Safran Foer at your restaurant yesterday.It made us think, and laugh... :)
This morning I was driving to work and saw an older gentleman in his pajamas on his hands and knees in his front yard.I thought he might be looking for something and kept driving.I thought about Jonathan's words, "What's the kindest thing you almost did?”
And then I thought to myself, I just have to know.
I turned around and drove back.
He was crawling toward his house.
I parked, got out of my car and said, "Sir, are you OK?"
He told me he could not stand up.
I walked over to him and put my arms under his arms and lifted him up.He said he just needed to get his feet under him (don't we all?). :)
I stood him up and he said he was good.I insisted that I help him get inside.We walked back to the house slowly and I steadied him.
As I opened the door a little pug appeared and he told me it was his "wife's d…