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I Am Lost

"I Am Lost" as read by Wayne Dyer in The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny
A woman is dying of AIDS. A priest is summoned.
He attempts to comfort her, but to no avail.
“I am lost,” she said. “I have ruined my life and every life around me. Now I’m going painfully to hell. There’s no hope for me.”
The priest saw a framed picture of a pretty girl on the dresser.
“Who is this?” he asked.
The woman brightened. “She is my daughter, the one beautiful thing in my life.”
“And would you help her if she was in trouble or made a mistake? Would you forgive her? Would you still love her?”
“Of course I would!” cried the woman. “I would do anything for her. Why do you ask such a question?”
“Because I want you to know…” said the priest.  “That God has a picture of you on his dresser.”

Another Milestone!

This month I published my very first Kindle book!
It is called Everything Has a Placeand was inspired by my husband.
He has a pesky way of leaving his socks all over the house.
His socks, also known as "crocodiles" (not sure why I started calling them that), are how the story kicks off.  Little Rooster is fond of putting them in a pile instead of where they belong--the laundry basket!
I hope this book helps you start the discussion of where things go with your Little (or even Big) Rooster or Chicken!