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Torn Paper Painting - Peacock #2

Well, I gave it another shot!
I thought about calling this one, "Frustration is the beginning of success!" :)
I am going to let it be for now...
I do like it better than my first try...
Will be in my shop soon!

New Paper Clay Sculpture - Abe the Lion

Meet Abe the Lion!  
He is my newest paper clay sculpture.  Before I painted him something about him reminded me of Abe Lincoln, so I named him Abe.
Lincoln was referred to as "Honest Abe" and Abe the Lion is no different.
When he says "I Luv U"... he means it!
I think it's awesome to sculpt... to take a shapeless piece of clay and create a character.
I hope he makes you smile...

Here Comes... Perspective...

New piece... will be in the shop soon!
Comment from a friend:  "Interesting... more on the serious side... definitely has appeal..."
I'll take it! :)

Laura on TV!

All, the video is up and I was on live television this past Monday!
I was promoting SWAN Day Dayton and my Mixed Media art!
It was a fun, exciting, and humbling experience!
Check it out:  
Laura on TV!

Just Beautiful

Make it a beautiful week! :)