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Don't Judge

"Don't Judge Me By My Past.  I Don't Live There Anymore."

The Power of Choice, NOW

I live in a loving, harmonious, accepting universe.  
I choose to release all negative emotions and free myself from ego.  
I will seek to understand, not be understood.  
If I love the world, the world will love me.  
If I choose to live in harmony with the world, the world will BE in harmony with me.  
If I choose to be accepting of the world, the world will be accepting of me.  
I live in joy and choose to harness the power of now each and everyday.  
I live in love, now and always.
- Amen :)

Tension and Technology

It started with a pain in the base of my neck... and then my neck started to tighten.  I felt a tension, like a wrench tightening a bolt and limiting the range of motion.  I lowered my head, hoping to stretch my neck muscles to lessen the pressure.  I then felt heat, and an itchy sensation on my side.  A bite that I received from some unknown critter months before--perhaps a spider or insect--was now reanimated and irritating my side.  The area was red and splotchy. 
I was supporting my husband at a racing event and had anticipated being able to continue my work which keeps me on the phone for most of the day.  As we continued on our travels I counted the voice mails... one, two, three, six, ten... I was not concerned.  "I'll be able to call them back when we arrive at our destination," I thought to myself.  But when we arrived, there was no cell phone reception... NONE... ANYWHERE.  I wouldn't be able to return the calls as I had anticipated.  It was a Thursday an…