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Rally West Virginia - 2012 - Deer Strike Video

Greetings all!
It has been almost a week since Braden and Goodies (his Official "Road Buddy" for 2012) finished Rally West Virginia!  
Braden placed 2nd overall!
 It turns out Braden was a real life Superman at this event as he hit a deer right before he finished the last stage, got up without hesitation (as did the deer), and finished the race.  More on that in a bit...
 The event was held at Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia.  It is a beautiful, cell phone reception-less place where I realized that I truly have an unhealthy attachment to technology as my body reacted poorly to the realization that there would be no texting, uploading to Facebook, or incoming/outgoing calls for the duration of our 4-day stay. :)
The deer were plentiful in this area and numerous people mentioned the sheer tameness of the deer.  One fellow rider took photos of the deer walking up to people and eating from their hands.
Braden's mother, her boyfriend, and I were the "pit crew&…