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Pig and Pumpkin

I came across an awesome shop today by Megan Downing!  
It is called Pig and Pumpkin!
She creates pieces using paperclay, glitter, wood and more!
I love the whimsy! :)
Here are her other sites:
{ Blog }
{ Facebook }
{ Twitter }

{ 2nd Etsy Shop }
{ Print on Demand Shop }  { Fabric Shop }
{ Art Print Shop }
And just a tip!  Go "Like" her Facebook page or become a follower of Pig and Pumpkin on her blog or Twitter account and you'll save 5% at her Etsy shop with Coupon Code:  PNPFAN5
Go Megan Downing and Pig & Pumpkin Co.  

Take Flight

New piece in my Etsy shop!
And today I submitted a proposal to be included in SWAN Dayton!
SWAN stands for "Support Women Artists Now"...

Females artists will showcase their work from 16 February 2013 to 30 March 2013 at the Dayton Metro Library Main Branch.  The event will culminate on 30 March 2013 which is the official date of the Sixth International Swan Day.

I'm excited to be a part of this event! Per the SWAN Day Dayton blog, "There have been over 900 SWAN Day events in 23 countries in the first five years of SWAN Day."

Read more about the SWAN event in Dayton here:


New piece in my Etsy shop!
My sister Jackie LOVES giraffes... this piece was inspired by her.
I hope this little bit of whimsy brings a smile to your face!

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

"Money is never a cause, it is always a result." - Simon Sinek

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Happy 2013 Everyone!
New pieces in the shop everyone!
I hope you all had a blessed and joyous holiday.
Let's tackle 2013!