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She Believed She Could, So She Did by Kathy Keller

I have been a Kathy Weller fan for quite some time and I'm so excited that she released a darling mini-book entitled She Believed She Could, So She Did
The book was given to me as a "bonus" when my husband purchased one of her original pieces of art as a birthday gift in March.
I was so thrilled with this book I ordered a dozen copies to give away to my sisters, friends, and family.
If you have a female in your life, GET HER THIS BOOK!
She will love it.
It will encourage her.
It will inspire her.
It will uplift her.
It will breathe life into her dreams.
It is 80 pages of full-color illustrations with quotes celebrating inner strength.
Sample quotes include:
"I dwell in possibility."  - Emily Dickinson
"She was unstoppable.  Not because she did not have failures or doubts but because she continued on despite them."  - Beau Taplin
This book is suitable for any age and any occasion... or you can give it "just because."
Get it... read it...…

Everything Communicates

Remember, not making a choice IS making a choice.
"Everything communicates, whether by design or by default."

- Aaron D. Allen