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Bunny Love

New piece!
 This one came out looking like a vintage toy block.
It is almost done... a few more steps and I will post it in my shop!

New Pieces in My Etsy Shop!

I posted new pieces in my shop:
We have a lovely dancing bear above.  This little princess has a gold crown and a pink cupcake complete with a cherry on top.... little blue stars adorn the sky above her.
I really enjoy whimsy and this little bear is just that--a bit of whimsy to brighten your day.
For more pics of "Dancing Bear" click HERE.
Also, I finished "Polka Dot Polly" today!
She is gazing longingly at a chocolate cake and is bundled up in her favorite green polka dot hoodie.
The cake also has a cherry on top!
For more pics of "Polka Dot Polly" click HERE.
I hope these pieces bring a smile to your face and a bit of joy!


I sold a piece of art today to someone that lives in New York!  Staten Island, to be precise... I thought they didn't have any power! :)  Apparently, it's back on! :)